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REAL OPTIONS reviews current techniques of capital budgeting and details an approach (based on the pricing of options) that provides a means of quantifying the elusive elements of managerial flexibility in the face of unexpected changes in the market.






RICH DAD, POOR DAD explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich; challenges the belief that your house is an asset; defines an asset versus a liability; and explains what kids need to know about money for their future financial success




Robert J. Shiller, a respected expert on market volatility, offers an unconventional interpretation of recent U.S. stock market highs and shows that Alan Greenspan's term "IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE" is a good description of the mood behind the market.





This book bridges the distant gap that inherently exists between principle and practice. Financial theories and principles are interpreted, defined and translated into a practical course of action. SAVE PENNIES, BANK MILLIONS affords the reader successive fundamental steps toward a realized financial outcome.





In an easy-to-understand and often anecdotal style, THE MILLIONAIRE MIND tells the stories of how people-a bus driver, a second-quality-textile entrepreneur, a Fortune 500 CEO-adopted the millionaire mindset to become financially independent.



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