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Ariass Fortune is a private corporation that houses several entertainment divisions.  The company fearlessly and aggressively believes in the state of independence, upon which artists and/or developers may explore ideas and create with complete freedom of expression in their respective fields. Established in New York City and in operation for over fifteen years, Ariass Fortune, Inc. was relocated to and incorporated in the state of California. Ariass Fortune, Inc. is a corporation headquartered in Beverly Hills, California that parents several subsidiaries, including a multimedia hub: AFRT MUSIC, AFRT FILMS, AFRT Video & Graphic Designs, Ariass Computer Systems, and Ariass Publishing House.

The company's most recent division, AFRT MUSIC, a record label, manufactures and distributes music products. AFRT FILM produces commercials, music videos, and films.  AFRT Video & Graphic Designs creates visual solutions for audiovisual products. The division also manufactures, distributes, markets and sells visual media of products created for the direct-to-retail market and selected properties from third parties.  Ariass Computer Systems develops and manufactures software and hardware systems for its proprietary operations.  Ariass Publishing House publishes books, particularly in the areas of finance, financial market analysis, individual securities technical analysis and equities trading.


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